Eyes on the Skies!
We are an active L5 Society.
The L5 point(EML5) is the best location for a space colony
in the Earth-Moon System.
We coordinate the engineering details to create that colony.
Sacramento L5 Society

Mission - Help enthusiastic people find ways to actively contribute.

  • Provide sources of enabling training to facilitate engineering prototyping.
  • Establish a clearinghouse for the ongoing objective analysis of proposed space development technologies.


  • Inspire collaboration among people and groups who support and engineer practical, implementable, cost-effective paths to space settlement.

 Goal -  Consistent interaction among an ever growing number of participants.

  • Publish a record of engineering successes and project achievements.


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Monthly Meeting

Second Saturday of Each Month

We meet at meet Second Saturday's at

JP Aerospace
2530 Mercantile Drive - Directions
Rancho Cordova CA 95742-6215


Email: Joe Bland


We've moved 
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